Contacts – Adding a new contact

When adding a new contact(s), there are multiple ways of doing so.

The first is adding contacts one by one manually.  You can do this by clicking the blue ‘Add a contact’ button at the top right of your screen.

You will then see a pop up asking you to enter the contact’s details (e-mail, first name, last name, and phone).  If you have set up custom fields, you can click the link ‘click here to show custom fields’. To finish, click ‘Add’.

On the next screen, click the drop down next to the option you want to add the new contact to (whether it’s a list or automation).  When done, click ‘Apply’.

Adding a contact manuallyThat’s it!  You’ve just manually added a new contact to your database!

But, what happens if you have more than one name?  It’ll take some time to enter names manually, especially if you have an online store, operate a medical office, or manage a travel agency.


Rather than clicking on the blue ‘Add a contact’ button, click on ‘Import’.

Here you can choose to import your contacts from a file (must be CSV), or integrate with Google Sheets, Pipedrive, etc.

Let’s say we want to import from a file.  Click the blue button.  Do you see the pop up?  Great!  Locate your CSV file and click ‘import’.

On the next screen, you’ll need to make your column headers to the column in eBlastMail.

If you are importing a column header that does not match eBlastMail, you can create a new column in seconds.  To do so, locate the row containing your header, and click the drop down menu option under the ‘Map into field’ that corresponds to that row.

In the pop up, select either ‘text input’ or ‘date’ and then click ‘Next’.

Next, name your custom field.  When done, click ‘Finish’.  Congratulations!  You’ve just created a custom field!

You are unlimited in the number of custom fields you can create.  So, if you have an online store, you can collect and save as much data as you’d like.  We recommend collecting anything and everything because you can use that data to send e-mail campaigns in the future.

After mapping your column, scroll down to select the list(s) these contacts will be added to, apply any custom tags, and click the blue ‘Import now’ button.

Mapping a custom column

Download this document in Word format.