eBlastMail Automations

eBlastMail Automations

Automatically send e-mails based on your contact’s actions.

For E-Commerce

Hot Leads

Coupons & Sale Items

Use specific targeting or workflows to identify the right prospects and grow your sales. Capture their attention with e-mails that match who they are.

Capture the attention of each contact by knowing what they click on, and when they want it. Seize their happiness so that they buy more and easily refer others to do the same.

Never lift a finger again to send a follow-up email or action.  Set up your sequence, test, and launch.  Let the system do the work for you while you grow the business.

Auto Actions
No time for moving contacts from one list to another, or tagging them?  No problem!  Your automation can be set up to auto-tag (think Twitter hashtag), add/remove from a list, apply a note, and so many more tasks!

Without Segmentation, Marketing Becomes a Headache

With Segmentations You Can…

👊 Send contacts what they want to see based on action(s)
👊 Achieve higher engagement rates due to clear information
👊 Earn a sense of investment gratitude

Without Segmentations You…

🛑 You send the same emails to everyone
🛑 Some people click and some wonder why you’re emailing them (this is spam)
🛑 Your email marketing feels like a lot of work for little reward

Tags Allow Grouping, Quick Sorting, and Auto Emails

“Segmentation” is a long, annoying word.
“Tag” is not (think hashtags).
When you assign tags to contacts, it’s as easy as manually assigning a tag to a contact.  But what if 100s of contacts need the same tag?  Simply send those contacts through an automation which takes a few seconds.

After you add a tag, it’s never removed, AND you can assign unlimited tags to your contacts allowing you target that specific contact forever.

Automation tag

Specific Action(s) Allow For Segmentation

👍 Visits to your website
👍 Personal interests
👍 People who click in your emails

👍 ‘Reply to’ action
👍 Quiz results
👍 Products purchased

👍 Information in custom fields
👍 People who open your emails
👍 Geographic location

We Are Committed to Your Success

Create your automation with ease in seconds.  There are several different options available at your disposal, depending on your goal(s).

Simply tap the ‘+’ sign in between each action to add a new action.  No drag and drop required!

Choose from:
-Sending an email
-Notifying yourself or someone else
-Sending an SMS

eBlastMail automation options