Multi-Channel Lead Conversions


Multi-Channel Messaging

Engage your contacts with a variety of message types to create stronger relationships, and more importantly, conversions


Text messages are responded to faster than any other type of communication and allow you to reach your contacts even when they’re out and about. Send personalized text messages automatically in response to behavior or on a schedule you define.

Automatic follow ups with SMS messages

Add automated SMS sending to your automation work flows and send follow ups to your contacts, notify sales agents, and more. Define the exact delivery time schedule so that you send at the optimal day and time.

SMS outreach
SMS subscribe

Allow users to subscribe via SMS

Promote your phone number and allow users to subscribe to your campaigns via SMS. They simply text a phone number and receive a text message back asking for their email address. When the contact replies they are added as a contact.

SMS sending is available for the United States / Canada, Great Britain, Spain, Australia, Germany and Mexico.

Automatic opt-out and unsubscribe management

If anyone wishes to stop receiving SMS messages they can simply reply with “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” at any time and they will automatically be excluded from future messages.

Manage Facebook Custom Audiences

Use the power of eBlastMail automations to add contacts to your Facebook Ads Custom Audiences. Keep your marketing messages in sync with your customer’s life cycle across Facebook ads, email marketing, on-site and more.

Manage targeted Facebook Campaigns from eBlastMail.

Add and remove contacts from/to Facebook Custom Audiences from eBlastMail automations, with the “Add to Facebook Custom Audience” and “Remove from Facebook Custom Audience” automation actions.

Multi-channel marketing for the masses.

Send the right message to the right user, at the right time, regardless of messaging channels. Keep your marketing messages in sync with your customer’s lifecycle across Facebook ads, email marketing, on-site and more.

Facebook automation
Facebook lead gen ad
Facebook custom questions

Use Facebook to Gather Leads For You

Automatically pull lead information from Facebook lead-gen ads into a list that you specify, and then use our automation functionality to automatically send follow-up e-mails to those contacts.  By default, Facebook includes the e-mail and phone input (which is auto-filled if the user is logged in with their own personal account)

Pull Custom Questions Beyond Facebook’s Standard Questions

Sometimes having info beyond the usual name + email + phone is required.  You can set up what Facebook deems ‘custom questions’ to pull additional data from your contact into the list of your preference.

Please note, the more questions you ask of the user, the less likely they will fill out the form.  Any question(s) beyond the standard have to be manually filled in by the user.