Campaign – Modifying your e-mail using drag ‘n Drop

So now that you know how to select a template, how do you modify the template to meet your design needs?


First thing’s first though.  After you select your template, you must enter a From name, e-mail, and subject line.  Sorry, it’s required! (note, you can change this later).

Then you come to the design tab.  It’s here you can change the background color (A), insert an element (B), and modify existing elements (C).

You can easily delete an element by hovering it, clicking the gear icon, and selecting delete.

To add a new element to your design, simply hover over the right side menu, click and HOLD the new element and DRAG it to your design.  Do you see that aqua bar behind your element?  That’s your guide.  It will display each time you move a new element into your design.  This aqua bar will become your best friend as you become more proficient using the design tab.

Modify an email using drag 'n drop

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