Forms – Integrating your form

When you are satisfied with the form elements, styling, and other settings, go ahead and click the Integrate button (top right).

There are two options to integrate your form.  The first is by copying the SIMPLE EMBED (A).  This allows you to copy one line of code and embed it anywhere on your site.

The second option is copying the FULL EMBED (B), which contains dozens and dozens lines of code.  The reason the there’s more code is to give you the opportunity to further customize the form (i.e. adjusting padding and margins).  On the flip side, it may slow the loading of your page this form is hosted on which may not be a good thing.  But, that’s for you to decide.  We recommend using the SIMPLE EMBED.

Whichever code you decide to copy should be pasted on a page within your website.  You should test the form before the page goes live to work out any kinks.

You’ll know if the form works if your dummy name displays in the list you assigned to the form.

Embedding your formDownload this document in Word format