Forms – editing a lead gen form

Now that you’ve created a form, let’s discuss how to edit the form and the input fields.

You should see this screen:

In the middle is your form with default input fields, while the right widget contains the default (standard) input fields, plus your custom fields.

If you want to remove one of the default fields, simply hover over the text and click the ‘x’.

To add a field, hover over the menu on the right, click and hold, and drag the input into your form.  See the aqua line again?  That shows you where the input field will appear.

Prefer to change the button from ‘submit’ to something else?  Just click on it!

Want to customize your form even more?  No problem!  You can change the form layout (A), background color, font color, border and radius (B).

You can also edit the button (i.e color, border, border radius) (C), and if you are CSS savvy, you can apply custom coding (D).

Editing a formDownload this document in Word format