Contacts – Adding a contact to multiple lists or automations

Having trouble or not sure how to add a contact to multiple lists?

It’s easy!  Let’s do it together.

First thing to do is search for the contact in the system.

When you locate the contact, click on their name or e-mail.

Now you are on the contact’s card.  If you scroll down about three quarters of the way, you’ll see List and Automations.  Your contact MUST be in at least one list (otherwise they wouldn’t be active in the system). They are not required to be in an automation.

You can however easily add your contact to multiple list(s) or automation(s) by clicking the ‘Add’ button.

You will see a similar pop up whether you click Lists or Automations – you will be asked to select your preferred list or automation to drop the contact into.

That’s it!  When the pop up disappears you will immediately see that new list or automation next to the spot you clicked ‘Add’.

Add a contact to multiple lists or automationsDownload this document in Word format