Campaign – Sending yourself a test e-mail

Now that your design is done, your subject line is set, and your from/reply to info has been inputted, it’s time to send yourself a test (just to be sure).

To do this, go to your Summary tab and locate the Send a Test Email section.  You can submit as many e-mails as you want, one at a time.  You are virtually unlimited in the number of test e-mails you send yourself (or to someone else).

One thing we want to bring to your attention is the save vs. send now buttons at the top right of the Summary tab.

At any time you can click ‘Save and exit’ and your latest updates will be saved.  If, however you want to A) send the e-mail immediately, or B) schedule it for a later time, DO NOT click ‘Save and exit’.

Notice how the green button displays ‘Send now’?  You can select it and the e-mail is sent immediately.  If, however you want to schedule it for later, locate the Schedule section, choose your date time, and adjust the TOGGLE from off to on.

Congrats!  You’ve just scheduled (or immediately sent) your first e-mail!

Sending a test e-mailDownload this document in Word format