Automations – What is an automation

Automations are such an integral part of websites now, it’s amazing to see what the (endless) possibilities are.

But what is an automation and how is it used?

An automation consists of a single trigger and a series of actions that follow it.  An example would be starting your car.  When you turn the key (or press the start button) a series of actions takes place based upon your trigger.

So, how is an automation used for a website?  There are several ways.  One is integrating with your online store.  Another is integrating with a ‘contact us’ form, and another is integrating with your Facebook lead generation ads.

The point is, we can integrate eBlastMail with just about anything (trigger), and automatically send a follow up e-mail to that person (action).

But it doesn’t stop there.  We can also set up a notifier (action).  This means an e-mail can be sent to you and four others (up to five contacts per notifier) that can e-mail you with the latest submittors details in case a follow up is required immediately.

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In terms of sending auto e-mails, we can create if/then statements (or branches). This says IF contact takes an action within your e-mail, THEN do this action.

Finally, you can add or remove tags, and add or remove a contact from a list.