Automations – Creating an automation from scratch

To create your first automation, click on the ‘Automations’ menu menu option.

Then click on ‘Create an automation’

And then click on ‘Start from Scratch’ and select the blue ‘Continue’ button

Now we get to the fun stuff.  This next screen is where you choose your trigger.  You can choose from popular triggers like subscribes to a list, submits a form, open an e-mail, clicks a link with an e-mail, watches a video in your e-mail, and many more!  Your alternative option is starting without a trigger.  This allows you to manually add contacts to an automation (if you don’t want every contact to receive a particular e-mail).

IF you choose a trigger, the next screen requires the list or form or video you want triggered (A).  IF you chose no start trigger, you’ll see a blank canvas (B).

Once you see the image above (B) you have your basic framework.  We suggest naming it right away (just in case).

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