Automations – Creating an automated e-mail sequence

If you read our article ‘adding actions to your framework’, then you have a pretty good idea how to select and add an action within your automation.

In terms of setting up an e-mail sequence, this is very easy to do.  If you created an e-mail template already and want to use that, you can.  Otherwise you’ll be asked to select a brand new template.

To begin, click on the plus sign in your automation.

Then click on ‘Send an email’.

You’ll be asked to name the e-mail.  Examples are ‘follow up 1’, ‘confirmation 1’, etc.

After clicking the green ‘Create’ button, you’ll be presented with the templates screen.  It’s here you can locate and select your previously created design, or choose to build a new one based off one of our templates.

After selecting your template, you’ll head over to the Design tab where you can further modify the design!

Creating an automated e-mail sequenceDownload this document in Word format