About Us

eBlastMail TeamAre you running into problems like not being able to send out emails on time, clucky, out-of-date email templates, and isolated email data?

Email marketing has been around for decades. Don’t you think it’s time you consider reducing your efforts and using this opportunity to your advantage?

The eBlastMail team began to brainstorm how they can make small to medium-sized businesses email marketing successful and cost-effective.  We started working on creating the top software for email marketing – and ended up designing and maintaining an all-in-one, powerful software that is useful to users who need sophisticated (yet easy) automation tools.

We think it is important that our clients are able to customize emails that are most relevant to their contacts. We also prioritize simplicity and ease of delivery.

Our software, eBlastMail, connects with multiple marketing channels (i.e. Facebook, Gmail, Google Sheets, etc) to easily and quickly pull ‘hot’ lead dataso you can quickly follow up. This has proven to create loyalty and increase engagement.

Our software goes above and beyond leading competitors. Our clients are able to experiment with tailored emails and have appreciated features like auto tagging, if/then statements, and action-based tools and so you have one less thing to worry about. We give businesses the guidance to achieve their goals This allows businesses to get up and running and the existing companies to grow faster in ways they can control. 

At eBlastMail we prioritize authenticity and transparency with our clients working hard to meet all of our customers’ needs. Creating an email marketing software was important to us to ensure our clients were utilizing leading products for a fair price. With eBlastMail you do not have to feel overwhelmed with marketing options or complex software. eBlastMail is here to help you and your business succeed.