4 Ways to Improve Your Email Development Strategy

4 Ways to Improve Your Email Development Strategy

Email marketing is a staple of modern business. If you do not have a solid email development strategy in place, you’re failing to capitalize on the marketing channel that consistently offers the highest return on investment. Nearly 24% of marketers report spending up to one full week developing a single promotional email, which translates to an inordinate use of time and resources. A few best practices can help you avoid this expenditure and take full advantage of what a solid email development strategy can offer.


Always Plan Ahead

You don’t want to constantly play catch-up when it comes to your email marketing strategy. Develop long-term goals and think carefully about how to meet them over time. As you near the end of one marketing campaign, start evaluating the lessons learned during the campaign to prepare for your next one.


Invest in Personalization Tools

Personalizing the emails you send to your mailing list recipients will grab readers’ attention and encourage a higher open rate. You’ll also likely capture more leads from your marketing emails when you invest in the tools necessary for personalizing them to your recipients. Some examples of personalization include leveraging personal data you’ve collected, sending reminders for cart abandonment, or location-specific information that makes your emails more relevant to recipients.


Leverage Segmentation in Your Automation

Most marketing teams rely on automation to some degree, but it’s vital to tailor your automated system to different segments. Strive to send recipients the most relevant messages possible to drip the most valuable information to them and guide them along their buying journey with your brand.


Invest in Managed Email Marketing Services

Crafting a solid email development strategy requires consistent effort and attention. If you’re struggling to see the kind of return you expect on your investment into email marketing, contact eBlastMail and learn how our managed email marketing services can work for your company.

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